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How good is the English of the teacher?
How good is the English of the teacher?
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English is not the first language of our teachers and therefore you should expect an accent and in certain cases if the student has not been in contact with any non-native speakers who have an accent, it can take a few sessions to get used to a teacher's accent but that has never been an impediment to learning. Furthermore, IQRA continuously provides enrichment and training programs to teachers to help them improve their English and understanding of non-native speakers needs.

Generally speaking, the use of translation has long been viewed  as an impediment to foreign language learning because it reduces the time on task and output principles, which play a pivotal role in language learning ( Nation & Macalister, 2010). Learning Arabic and attuning your senses to the Arabic phonetics are core components of our program. This means initially like in learning anything new, you won't be able to recognize some sounds or you might not understand the accent of a teacher in English but very quickly these issues are resolved and are never considered an impediment to your progress.

Last but not least,  as a valued member of IQRA, you can always request an evaluation of the academic performance of your teacher to ensure the best for your and your kids.

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