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How long and how frequent are my classes?
How long and how frequent are my classes?
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There is no one answer to this question. The duration and frequency of classes depend on your goals and a host of other factors. The recommended duration for most classes is 1 hour but can vary depending on age and the goals of the syllabus. For example, we recommend for younger children shorter classes 30-45 minutes but with higher frequency. Much of these recommendations are grounded in education research, for example, recall-centric activities such as Quran Memorization tend to deteriorate with respect to outcomes if a break of 4 or more days is present. Therefore, we highly discourage students to have a break of more than 3 days when enrolling for a Quran Memorization class and request an even distribution of lessons over the week to maximize benefit and outcomes.

Furthermore and depending on the syllabus and student's aptitude, we estimate a range of hours as a ballpark figure for each syllabus. You can see these numbers in the following charts:

A typical profile of our student would have a minimum of 2 weekly hours that are distributed over the week. This ensures quick and consistent progress. The plan can be discussed further with your academic coach.

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