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How much will it cost to join IQRA?
How much will it cost to join IQRA?
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Most students enroll in the Pro plan. The average student at IQRA spends around $88 per month. This approximately amounts to 8 teaching hours per month or 2 x 1-hour lessons per week which are suited for most levels and ensure the program goals are met. The pricing can be slightly different depending on the plan.
There are 4 different plans that IQRA offers and each plan have a different hourly rate. Our most popular plan is the Pro Plan which is guaranteed to assign the student to a certified teacher. In addition, the plan offers other benefits such as flexible rescheduling, one cancellation per month in addition to emergencies that are always canceled with no penalties, and a 5% discount for family members.

Our most flexible plan is the Elite plan which comes with maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling and cancellation, video recordings of lessons, and a 10% family discount.

Last but not least, our Essentials and Simple plans are the most affordable options that offer teachers who went through the same rigorous criteria of selection but provide fixed schedules with no possibility of cancellation for minimizing cost. The Essentials Plan however comes with a dedicated academic advisor to regularly monitor and report on students' progress and even adjust the study plan as needed.

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