The cancellation policy is designed to provide flexibility to our students without compromising teachers' schedules. When teachers experience excessive or late cancellations, the network is unable to compensate by assigning them new students and excessive teaching hours can be wasted. The policy is therefore designed to provide flexibility to students balanced with consistency and stability of schedules. 

All lessons cancelled by the teacher due to unforeseen reasons are refunded in full to the student or rescheduled. For Elite and Pro plan students, students can cancel a maximum of 3 and 1 classes per month respectively and receive full credit.

Elite members can reschedule an unlimited number of lessons while pro members can reschedule up to 4 lessons per month.

Essentials and Simple plan students are not allowed to cancel or reschedule lessons.

Cancellations or changes to the schedule must be submitted through the student dashboard at least 4 hours prior to the lesson start time.

Rescheduling must be done within 90 days of the original lesson.

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